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Mirrors are breaking at Balenciaga Replica Handbags Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign, Giselle Bündchen is invited to do the show – she is wearing street chic, with black boots on while covering herself with a green/purple winter jacket.

Balenciaga Replica Handbags

The message is very clear, Balenciaga is turning the heat on, it’s all about being tough, a very exciting ad campaign though, shot in a room with minimum lights, with black and white images. But you know where our eyes go, our mind is like a torpedo, it find things to satisfy our crave – bags, bags and more bags.

The Balenciaga Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign featured two kinds of bag that you have to know more about. First it’s the new modernized tote bag, embellished with a golden plate on the front with the signature of Balenciaga printed. It’s available in luxurious croc or in regular leather. Just to let you know what you will be dealing with, the handles are made from metal. For more detailed images, please go to our previous post: ‘Balenciaga Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection’.

The second bag is more mysterious, it’s another new addition – a feminine tote with smooth leather handles, it’s simple yet impressive. Perfect for the elegant lady; match it with your black trench coat. The bag comes with a long tag and printed with the ‘Balenciaga’ Logo in the center